Product Reviews

Optrix VideoPro App

  I purchased Optrix’s VideoPro app for the iPhone 5.  This is a video app that adds telemetry data to your video you record on the iPhone.  Telemetry data is the measurements recorded from the GPS.  The app displays, mph, g-load diagram, a GPS track map, lap timer and date/time info.  I recently used it at an SCCA autocross event.  I made this video to show it’s performance.  I didn’t go into detail about how to use it, there are videos online already for that.  Here is my video.

This app is OK, especially for the price…$9.99. It was designed by the guy who designed “Harry’s Lap Timer”, which is more complicated and elaborate lap timer app. This one is very basic and straight forward. It was very easy to use and one button click and it overlays the data on the video. Unfortunately, it is not customizable.  Because, my only big issue with the app, is the timer.  The timer starts when you hit record, and at autocross events, you have to start recoding early. So the timer counting up is irrelevant and only confusing. I tried contacting Optrix about this…still no reply. Otherwise, it’s good. mph seems accurate, the g-force meter in the corner is OK and the track layout it displays is cool.


Delta Current Control temperature controller

  It finally arrived, the FK-85 kit along with the L101 indicator light.  When I say, “Finally”, I mean I’ve waited exactly one month since ordering this kit.  So be aware, the turn-around for these kits are usually somewhere around this time.  But, I will say, it is worth it.  It is  very well made, and so far…works very well.  Built-in short circuit, over current, and over temperature protection, along with UL-94 potting and a 6000 series aluminum heat sink provide an extremely reliable control solution.  The variable speed control works wonderful…in other words, the fan turns on with 30% power and ramps up gradually as engine temps go up.  The L101 indicator light changes colors, reflecting this.  See my Blog Entry Feb 11 2013 for pics and more details.  If you shut off your car at hot temps, the fan remains on for about 30 seconds or so.

DC Controler arrived

I’m very happy with this product and would recommend it to anyone.


ClassicLEDs, LLC Sequential LED tail lights

    This kit is “Made In America”, and has a Lifetime Warranty.  It is very well made, you can tell when handling the LED panels.  There are LEDs in my Acura that I have replaced several time, they keep burning out.  They’re the cheap Chinese kind, the owners of ClassicLED says he makes these himself and warrantees them for the life of the purchaser’s ownership.

Installation is a bit complicated for beginners.  For fox-body Mustangs you have to split the lens, glue/silicone each lens in place and re-seal the lens.  Then there’s the electrical part of the install.  I won’t talk about that, because I had a shop do that.  But, it’s pretty straight forward with no special expertise.  there is a switch that turns the sequential lighting on and off.  See my Blog Entry July 27 2012 for pics and more details.

LED tail light Car

I love this light kit.  It is very well made and have called the tech #, and spoke to the owner each time and was very helpful and nice.  They are great.

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