AutoX Checklist

Most important advice when competing in a autocross event, is to have fun.  The best way to do that is be prepared.  Nothing makes for a long day or unpleasant experience, is not having everything you need.  So, please use this check list to help you be prepared for your next autocross event.

  • Driver license & cash
  • full tank of gas
  • pad & pencil (for notes or draw track map)
  • helmet/gloves (make sure it is properly SNELL rated and up-to-date)
  • any tools needed, especially torque wrench
  • tire gauge
  • spare motor fluids
  • portable air tank or compressor
  • chalk or polish for marking
  • racer tape or magnetic numbers
  • windex & paper towels to clean windows
  • work gloves
  • sunglasses & sunscreen
  • hat, rain gear, umbrella
  • garbage bag or tarp (to cover equipment & belongings)
  • chair
  • cooler with food & drink

And don’t forget to empty the car of any un-needed items in the trunk.



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