“Cooling Things Off”

After a  season of a few HPDE events, I decided to drop the Mustang off at RealSpeed Automotive for the winter months.  I wanted to help aid in keeping things cool.  We opted for installing a Mishimoto oil cooler along  with a brake cooling kit, which should do the job.  This would mean removing the factory front bumper cover…easier said than done.  But while the bumper is off, I decided to add a lightweight replacement bumper support with tow hook.  I purchased Donathen Racing’s Heavy Duty Docal R8 front tubular bumper support.  Tim Donathen praises the lightweight to strength ratio of the docal R8 material, and this made things easier for Rob at RealSpeed to weld a tow hook attachment to.

My factory air bag equipped 1991 LX oem bumper support weighs in at 23.2 lbs.  I purchased the Donathen Racing HD bumper support?

The Donathen Racing bumper support weighs in at 6 lbs.



The Donathan front bumper is mounted and then the Mishimoto oil cooler along with lines.


Final installment…Rob welded the attachment for the Ford Racing M-17954-F tow hook and spray the bumper flat black.


The front bumper cover is re-installed along with a carefully measured cut-out for the tow hook.




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