“Change of Seats” 2014 Mustang GT Recaros Installed in my fox-body mustang


I just wasn’t happy with the Corbeau LG1 seats and needed a change.  I came across these 2014 Mustang GT Recaro seats on eBay.  Holman & Moody, the performance shop from North Carolina was clearing out their inventory and Lee Holman himself had a friend delivery them on my door step.  A fellow coyote swap buddy…93coupe, had previously fitted 2013 Boss 302 Recaro seats in his notch, so  I followed his steps and wallah!


93coupe mounted the fox-body brackets & sliders to the Recaros.  So first step, was removing the factory 2014 brackets & sliders.


The seats fit great and are very, very comfortable.  The only problem was, because I am tall, I need the drivers seat as far back as possible.  The seat was limited, hitting the Maximum Motorsport cross-bar for race belts.  The only way to properly solve this and keep the seats, is to remove the cross-bar and extend it back further.  Because it was going to be set back further, a small support bar was added.  Connecting the harness bar to the diagonal-bar.


A little fresh paint on the roll bar and no knows the difference.  A small hoop on each side was made for the factory 3-point seat belts.  This will prevent them from falling to the floor every time they are released.  Also a hoop bar on the cross-bar was made for the 5-point harness.

Passenger side seat is a little bit of a tight fit.  The recline lever works great, but as you can see   The round plastic cover behind it is wedged into the frame   But the seat moves freely forward and backward on the OEM fox tracks

The driver’s side seat is tight but has slightly more room.  And moves front to back easily and reclines with no problem.


These seats are very, very comfortable.  And add much needed support.

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