“BRACE YOURSELF” A new Maximum Motorsport roll bar is installed

In preparation for HPDE track days, a new Maximum Motorsport 4-point roll bar with harness mount, diagonal brace and low slung door bars are installed.  The old roll bar was strictly for show, and no safety or rigidity was provided.  Rob at Realspeed Automotive is taking care of the installation, which takes a lot of time preparing the car for mounting the bar properly.

First, stripping the interior and removing any mat or sound deadening material.


Then, welding reinforcements…the right way to do it!

Maximum Motorsport‘s low slung door bars are fitted for hatchbacks and notchback only.  They don’t make ones for convertible…yet.  So, I ordered them anyway and had them “tweaked” to fit.

A reinforcement plate is added to the bottom, which is then welded to the Maximum Motorsport‘s full length sub-frame connectors.

After fitment is perfect, the roll bar is sent to paint.  Then installed for a final time.

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