Coyote Swap: Engine Install

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Time to install the coyote.  Real Speed Auto wanted to install the engine already bolted onto the k-member, from the bottom.  Some swaps have had success this way, but as we found out.  They were drag cars that had the front sway-bar mounts cut off from the chassis.  My car, or anyone else that plans on running a sway bar will have to install the motor the conventional way…from above.  The motor is just too wide to maneuver around these mounts.


Nothing out of the ordinary here, everything drops into place and fits nicely.  Be sure to tape up the sides of the shock tower, so you don’t scratch any paint.  Rob had one tip he got from NMRA Coyote Stock racer Mike Washington….replace the rear bolts that hold the rear mounting plate in place when lowering the engine.  Use shorter or cut down the supplied bolts, otherwise you will be unable to fully loosen and remove them when the engine is in place.  There is not enough room behind the firewall to unthread them all the way.


Once everything is secured and tightened down, Rob ensures the k-memeber is square.


The accessories I plan on using is straight from the Ford Racing catalog.   I ordered the Boss 302 alternator kit and power steering bracket along with the new coyote engine from LRS.

Boss alternator

What we didn’t know…was the power steering bracket mounted the power steering pump so low, it interfered the sway-bar.


This causes a problem for me, my mustang needs to have a front sway-bar in order to handle extremely well.  Others have completely eliminated the front sway-bar, some used shims or fabricated a custom front sway-bar.  We did some research and found Power By The Hour coyote engine swap bracket kit.  This kit allows you to use 1996-2010 Mustang alternator, power steering and AC compressor on the coyote engine.  It comes with everything needed except accessories, this meant returning the Boss alt. & ps bracket.  Now I had to find a ’96-10 ps pump and alternator.

power by the hour

The power steering pump is an easy junkyard find or eBay purchase.  The alternator I wanted new or rebuilt, so Rob got me one at a local shop.  After trying various casings, we had to go with the SN95 alternator.  The issue here is…the PBH kit has the alternator mounted upside down and in reverse.  because it is upside down, the factory mounting points are open and the alternator could fall or creep, no matter how tight you torque it down.  Below is a picture of it mounted.

L & L Auto Electric  came up with this fix…pictured below.


DSC03371 DSC03363

After bolting everything up and checking clearances, the PBH kit looks like the right way to go.  And, I have the option of adding AC if I wanted to.


Rob mounted the fuse box inside the passenger kicker panel





The new coyote ecu, is mounted in the passenger side fender.  A custom mounting plate was fabricated and powder-coated to look nice.



Upper radiator hose is from a 2011 Mustang GT that needed to modified and the lower was a custom hose


The lower radiator hose is a custom job.



The cold air intake is semi-homemade.  I Steeda velocity stack was used, cut/welded to fit properly on a right-angle adaptor.


Power steering overflow


Coolant overflow


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