Coyote Swap: Engine Bay Clean Up & Motor Prep


Removing the old 5.0 pushrod motor and drivetrain was the easy part of the swap…the hard part was still to come  But while we were waiting for all parts to arrive it was a good time to clean up the engine bay.   A great part of other builds is the extensive time and talent put into smoothing the engine compartment.  This looks great and clean, but unfortunately adds up to an already expensive bill.  To do it right and have it look good, a lot of time is required.  I decided to I needed to do something, it would be a shame to have a new motor in a dirty old engine bay.  So we sent out the car to a local shop, and had the bay cleaned up, a few ugly holes filled and sprayed with Dupont “Hot Rod Black”, a paint that is supposed to harden and become strong and chip resistant.


old parts old parts

All parts are removed and carefully sorted and placed as to what stays, and what goes



The oem pan is removed and the Boss 302 oil pan is installed



My mustang comes back looking awesome.  It is not the “show car” look, but I am very, very happy with it.  I think it will look oem as if the fox-body rolled out with a coyote motor black in 1991 .



Install soon to come!


car & motor

Almost ready


rob wiring

In the meantime, the VHX Dakota Digital dash gets wired.


SVE adaptor

In the order from Late Model Restoration, I got the SVE pedal adaptor bracket.  This is required for fox-body swaps, to properly locate the accelerator pedal that comes in the FRPP harness & control pack kit.


bracket mod

A slight mod is needed, the tab is cut to fit.  Otherwise this interferes with the transmission tunnel.



Installed and clearance is good.  Although, Rob had to make 3 small cuts in the carpet and use 3 screws to keep the carpet down and away from the gas pedal…just to ensure nothing catches.  It is also notable, that the gas pedal is more forward the the oem pedal.  This is immediately noticeable when driving, i is not bad but take a little getting used to.


IMG_3496 IMG_3505 bell housing

BBK full length ceramic swap headers get installed…along with clutch, bell housing and fork.


car & motor

Almost ready!

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