Coyote Swap: Delivery Day

delivery motor

The motor arrives right on time and I’m like a kid on Christmas morning.  I decided to order all my swap parts from Late Model Restoration, I have dealt with them before and the have great customer service, a good return policy and great prices.


Rob w/parts parts
More gifts arrive…parts required for the swap. Which I will go over later in this blog, plus modifications we did.


Tremec TKO500 spec clutch

Along with the coyote, a new driveline is required.  Probably the most popular swap is the use of the T56 transmission.  In my build, I was unable to find a good deal on one.  But came across a great deal on a rebuilt Tremec TKO500 with a 26 spline input shaft.  I went with a Spec stage 2 clutch & plate with a Spec billet steel “lightened” flywheel.


BBK x-pipe BBK headers

BBK ceramic headers and x-pipe.  Couplings are needed to cut and re-fit the x-pipe, as it needs to be shortened to fit my Borla cat-back.


hoses fuel sending unit fuel

New hoses are needed and my 255 lph high pressure fuel pump is sufficient, but decided to fully convert to a 8AN fuel line.  So a new regulator plus filter is needed along with welding new fittings on the sending unit.


power by the hour alternator

Here was our first obstacle, I originally ordered the FRPP Boss 302 alternator kit and power steering bracket.  We would later find out, this did not work on my swap.  The power steering was too low and interfered with the sway bar.   Other swaps did not use a front sway bar and others fabricated a new mount or sway bar all together.  Maximum Motorsport sells an adjustable rear which can be used for this.  I decided to purchase Power by the Hour Coyote Swap Brackets.  This uses a SN95 alternator, power steering pump and air conditioning….for now I am using the AC delete pulley.  An issue we had with the SN95 alternator, was the mounting points.  The two top stock mounts are opened, because it is mounted on top and this works with the way it is bolted on a 4.6.  But they way it mounts on the coyote, with this new kit, the alternator is upside down.  The alternator is pushed down by the belt and the open mounts cannot properly hold it up.  So the solution was to weld and enclose the mounts…pictured above.


hydroboost pedals

Along with new parts, a few used items are needed.  The fox-body brake booster does not fit in the engine compartment with the monstrous coyote engine.  In order to have power brakes, a hydroboost conversion is required from a later SN95 1994-2004 Mustang.  You also need the pedal assembly, luckily everything is easy to find online or at local junkyards.


vhx dakota oil pans

Installing a coyote requires a new dash, since the gauges work off the old 5.0 EEC IV ecu, which is gone.  So it was either a custom Auto Meter gauge cluster or the new Dakota VHX instrument bezel.   Another option was to replace the coyote oem oil pan.  I purchased the BOSS 302 oil pan for its oil baffle and its prevention of oil rushing to the front under hard braking.   The Boss 302 is pictured above on the left, notice the rear is missing a platform compared to the oem on the right.


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