Plasti-Dip rims today

Because my car required a different offset in the rear due to the IRS, I had to get a 2nd set of Bullit rims from a S197…to match the front Bullit rims on my car that are from a SN95.  This left me with full set of matching Bullit rims as a spare set.  I plan on getting a set of R-Compound racing tires for these rims for track use and really wanted something different than the identical kind I drive on now.  Strapped for cash, I decided to just change the color of the spare set and be done with it.

Lately, I’ve been reading up on this rubber spray called Plasti-Dip.  There’s a lot of videos on Youtube and sites like Dipyourcar…that showcase this spray.  It seems pretty cool, and there’s a lot of pro’s to it…so I decided to give it a try on my spare set of Bullit rims for my LX.  I tend to like the matte black look and it hides the brake dust perfectly, and price difference to powder-coating is way cheaper.  I could also paint my rims, but that is more permanent, and still requires a lot of prep work and scuffing, that permanently ruins the wheel.  Plasti-dip just needs a clean surface and bonds to all materials, including chrome lips, very easily.  Best of all it peels off and the wheel is as it was before, in perfect condition.  I went out to Home Depot and purchased 3 cans for $8 each and started spraying.

Wheels before

Wheels plast-dip

1st coat


After 4 coats



Had to also spray the inside of the barrel




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