Custom Splitter For My Mustang Fox-body

A big thing on the new Mustangs lately is a front splitter.  Although, not very functional as they’re supposed to be, everybody seems to appreciate their aesthetics.  Maybe only on the Boss 302 Leguna Seca Edition, does the large splitter help down force, on much of the GT’s and Shelby’s, they just look cool.

I decided to give it a try on my ’91.  No aftermarket companies make one for the fox-body, as it is relatively new in popularity.  I purchased a new 2010-2012 Roush front splitter from LRS.  Because it is for a S197 I knew it would not fit properly, especially the sides.  So, it would have to be trimmed somewhat.


I was able to get the car on the lift at RealSpeed Auto, and we centered, lined up, and drew lines where we needed to trim.



Use a some kind of cutter, multi-tool or jigsaw and cut away.


Use a light sander to clean edges



We used all the original mounting points on the splitter, and just drilled holes in my bumper.  All locations we were able to slip our hand and add a nylon locking washer to secure it.  Just one screw up front is screwed in the bumper without a nut.  It is very sturdy and holds very well.




I have to find some kind of black rubber trim for the sides.  Up close the sides look like they were cut, a piece of trim would hide that and look a bit better.




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