DC Control fan control unit install

One of my favorite buys for the LX was a Ford OEM electric fan.  I originally had a Be Cool electric fan and relay control, but this actually caused problems with the idle.  Every time the fan kicked on, the idle would drop, and with a custom tune.  Nothing could be done to remedy this, because I have a Fox-body EFI with a OBD-I ECU.  These cars came with a factory clutch fan, the OBD-II or later SN95 Mustangs had an electric fan that the computer controlled or monitored.

Anyway, the fix for this was to either get a different relay control…one that turned the fans on slowly and ramped up to speed.  Because the sudden power draw was effecting the idle.  Or try a different fan.  I opted for the latter, scoured the junk yards and found a late model e-fan from a Cougar.  The holy grail of e-fans is the Ford Contour, but I settled for this $70 Ford OEM fan.  Glad I did, it literally blows away my $300 Be Cool fan away!  And, my idle problem was no more

2000 Cougar electric fan

Until down the road this was discovered….pictured below.  I had kept my BE Cool fan relay kit, but a short put an end to that.  Possibly water along side the fender wall contributed to this, too many lengthy car washes I think.  A better mounting place would have been the way to go.  But, now I needed a new fan control.  Online I’ve read great reviews for DC Control‘s unit, but also read bad review on their customer service and delivery period.

Burnt fan fuse

Burnt fan fuse

I decided this was the best route, DC’s unit is variable speed controlled, has a very accurate temp probe and from what I understand…very well made and actually homemade…accounting for long delivery time.  So, I placed my order along with some accessories and waited.  And wait I did, exactly one month, but it eventually came and with everything I ordered plus instructions.

DC Controler arrived

The DC Control unit mounted at the bottom of the electric fan.

DC Controler installed

I highly recommend the extra add-on accessory…the L101 indicator light…for inside the cabin.   I mounted it along the right side of the steering column in eyes view.  This indicator single-LED bulb lights green when you first start your car and the motor gets up to running temperatures.

DC Control module

It then changes color to yellow when the controller output increases slightly, and the fan starts to turn on (sorry the actual color does not look good in my pics)

DC Control module

As the motor get hotter and closer to regular operating temp, the fan spins faster and the light changes to orange

DC Control module

At final operating temp., approx. 190-200 degrees, the fan is operating at full and the LED is bright red.  And when you shut off the car at this temp., the fan will run for a short brief period…even when you remove the key.  It is only for maybe 30 seconds or so.

DC Control module




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