IRS Install: IRS installed for good

Now the IRS is ready for permanent installation.  The cradle is bolted in once again, all the components are added.  Everything goes in the way it came out, as far as gas tank, shocks, springs, brakes and exhaust.

IRS cradle

The IRS exhaust is installed, and the passenger side needed to be shortened and re-directed a bit.




Also, the rear hanger needs to be re-located a little towards the front of the car.

Exhaust hanger

IRS exhaust

A Steeda IRS sub-frame bracket is added to the IRS cradle bracket, pictured below with an arrow.  You can see it painted black in the pic, welded to the IRS bracket and bolted into the sub-frame.  This adds support and reduces flex.

Steeda sub-frame plate

Rob also added a Steeda shock brace.  Now that there’s more weight in the rear, more than the foxbody is used to.  The shock brace will make a difference adding support and reducing flex also.

Steeda shock brace


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