IRS Install: New brake lines, hub & bushings

The brake lines on the foxbody are routed and mounted around the rear, so they cannot be used.  But you do need the driveshaft hub off the fox rear.

SRA rear

The foxbody driveshaft is used in this swap, it’s a little of a tight fit, but it fits.  The IRS Cobra driveshaft hub is much larger than the foxbody hub so you have to re-use the fox hub as seen below.

Driveshaft hubs

So next, new brake lines are made and a t-fitting is needed for this.

Brake t-fitting

New brake lines

New bushings for the shocks



For the IRS swap on the foxbody, you need 12mm bolts for the front arms of the cradle that go into the chassis.  The SN-95 use 14mm, these 12mm bolts are available at Maximum Motorsports.  You’ll also need thicker sleeves to go into the bushings of the arm that supports the bolts.

IRS Bolts

IRS front arm

IRS front arm

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