LX is delivered to Realspeed Automotive

Realspeed Automotive on Long Island, NY is doing all the work.  They are a top notch shop, and one of the most renowned Mustang tuning shops on the Island.  Owner and tuner Dan, is great and his tunes are the best.  His head mechanic, Rob is the only guy I want working on my car.  He is very, very knowledgable when it comes to Mustangs and he works on cars like they’re his own.  You don’t find work and detail like this anywhere.

OK, enough hype with Realspeed, onto my project.  What a way to start the New Year.  Start with a huge project as this and on to of that,  somehow the magazine Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords caught wind of this and found it very interesting.  They liked the idea of installing a Cobra IRS onto a foxbody Mustang.  After a flurry of emails back-and-forth, a date was set and we were moving forward.  I delivered my LX to Realspeed Automotive and the tear down begins.

Tear down

Before MM&FF was scheduled to come in for the IRS install.  Realspeed started work on the front-end.  The stock K-member, steering rack, a-arms, struts, springs, oil pan, etc.. It all comes out.

Old parts

I was previously having trouble with the clutch, I think a hot spot somewhere on the flywheel or clutch.  So it was easy just to drop the transmission  and put in a Ram stage I clutch.  Rob sent the T-5 to be inspected by his transmission guy and he had the flywheel cut.

Old parts

Old clutch

The from-end work has gone smoothly, getting ready to do the rear next.


New front-end


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