IRS Install: Getting parts before install

There’s no turning back now.  The IRS is in, so it’s time to get the rest of the parts needed to get this project done.  And while I’m at it, why not work on some other things while every things apart….right?  With that kind of thinking, I decided to do everything I wanted to do to the car.  Why not?  LOL.  Installing the IRS requires IRS springs and shocks.  My IRS came with them, but they’re stock.  I have Maximum Motorsport’s Bilstein struts & H&R springs upfront.  The stock IRS springs won’t cut-t and the stock Bilstein shocks are not really good Bilsteins.  So, I might as well go with coilovers.  I went with Koni single adjustable coilovers from Maximum Motorsport.

new coil overs

Earlier in the year I did a ’03 Cobra steering rack upgrade, it started to leak and instead of taking my chances on another used rack.  The shop recommended AGR and their line of performance racks.  So, I got one of those and it is always a good idea to replace the pump as well.  Just in case there is metal shavings in the pump, it  can’t damage your new rack.

AGR steering rack

AGR pump

To protect my investment…and to stop that pesky rear main seal leak.  I got a Canton 7qt. oil pan with baffles and windage tray.  An easy instal since the K-member and transmission will be out.

Canton 7qt.

I’m lucky I got some good friends and many of them are Terminator owners.  So, when I needed an IRS cat-back exhaust, I had plenty to choose from.  Got this Flowmaster American Thunder cat-back for free, my buddy just wanted it out of his garage.  Unfortunately, I’m no longer a fan of those loud, throaty chamber sounding Flowmaster mufflers, back in high school they sounded great…now, not so-much.  But the price was right and I just picked up a set of Manaflow #11375 mufflers from Summit Racing for $200.  From what I’ve researched, the exhaust needs to be shortened and tweaked a bit anyway, so replacing the mufflers isn’t a hardship.

Cobra IRS cat-back exhaust


The added weight is a big concern of mine, approx. 85 lbs. is added with the IRS.  Since I’m going with coilovers, I might as well go with Maximum Motorsport’s tubular K-member and a-arms.  I also got a FRPP aluminum driveshaft.



Here’s everything ready to go!

All the parts


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