Got IRS!

After about a year of keeping my eye open for the right IRS, I came across an ad on eBay for a ’03 IRS with 10K miles and a few modifications.  I traded emails with the owner and we decided to make a deal if he didn’t sell it through the auction.  Luckily for me, he didn’t and we made arrangements.  The reason I jumped on this one, and not the many others I was interested in.  This was in great shape, he added the Maximum Motorsport’s urethane bushing kit, a Billet Flow IRS brace  and a Kenny Brown torque brace.  This saved me a bunch of money on parts and installation, so it was worth it.

eBay Ad

It arrived!  IRS delivered from South Dakota.  It only took 4 days and cost $230 commercial delivery.  The guy put it on a pallet, tied and secured everything down and wrapped it in plastic.  This worked out and was much, much cheaper than residential delivery.  That was 4x as much, and would take longer.  This way I just had it delivered to the shop.  Only problem was since they didn’t have a fork lift, the guys had to lift it off the truck and carry it into the shop.

IRS on crate

IRS on crate

IRS on crate

Everything looked great, Rob at Realspeed inspected everything, checked axles, joints, bushings and even opened up the pumpkin to check the gears, posi unit and spider gears.  They all checked out, changed the oil and it’s ready to go.




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