LED sequential tail-light kit install

Something else I found on the forums, a LED sequential tail-light kit.  I ordered this kit from Classic LEDs in Oregon, and seems to be of really good quality.  From what I understand, these are made by hand form a very nice older gentleman.  He uses the best quality LEDs, not the cheap ones you see on eBay.   The kit has a LIFETIME warranty, as long as your the original buyer and I have called the customer support line a few times with questions.  The owner has answered every time and was always more than helpful.  I love the sequential turn option.  With the press of a button you can turn this option on or off.

The hardest part of the install is to split the lenses, separating the lens could be tough with older models, I was fortunate that I had recently made these clear tail-lights, so separation wasn’t too bad.  The kit comes with a wiring harness, it’s a bit much, but once you spread it out and identify what goes to what, it all makes sense.

LED tail light


LED tail light

After all the rubber insulation is cleaned out, I fit the LED panels in and traced an outline where each panel sat.  I then ran a generous bead of silicone adhesive around the outline and placed the panels in.
LED tail light

LED tail light

LED tail light

After the panels are secure, it’s time to re-assemble the tail-lights.  LRS sells a tail-light installation kit with all new clips and  a roll of butyl sealer.   Sometimes you can re-use these.  I’d rather have new stuff to ensure a good, tight fit.

LED tail light

After leaving a few days for the silicone to set, it holds pretty well.  I then purchased a tail-light lens kit from LRS, which includes new clips and rubber insulation.  After installing I sealed up the lens and clamped it together with clamps and left overnight to harden.  Next is to follow the instructions and wire up.
LED tail light


I also added this LED 3rd brake light I found on eBay


Installation is straight forward.  Remove old light and the new one has harness plugs that connect to the old bulb housings.




LED 3rd brake light



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