New hood & deck lid and less weight

I’m walking down the aisles of the swap meet at the Ford Nationals in Carlisle Pennsylvania, and I came across this hood.  It is a fiberglass SVO hood for a ’87-’93 Mustang.  Unlike the Cobra R version, this one is on a stock hood and I have ever seen this one available.

IMG_0167 SVO hood

For some reason, I really like the factory hood on fox-body Mustangs.  It’s all to common to see cowl hoods and dual snorkel hoods on 5.0’s.  I wanted something different, functional and lighter.  I wasn’t planning on spending the money on a fiberglass, stock-style hood that wouldn’t change the appearance of my car, and just drain my bank account a bit more.  But, when I saw this particular hood, I grabbed it.  One hundred dollars and I walked it back to the car.  A quick stop at the Cervini booth and I had a fiberglass rear deck lid.  Approximately 80 lbs. lighter and my Mustang was looking better.

IMG_0932 IMG_0930 IMG_0931

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