Custom fox-body cup holder

I’ve been a fan of the fox-body Mustang ever since I was interested in cars.  This is my 3rd 5.0 I’ve owned and I have the same complaint with all of them…NO CUP HOLDER!  There’s a few aftermarket solutions, an extended arm rest with small, very small cup hole., or a cup holder that fits in the ashtray…that is also too small and doesn’t work very well…IMO.

I found this picture online, at a Mustang Forum…of a fox-body interior with a custom dual cup holder integrated in the center console.  It looked great!  I contacted the owner, turned out the father made it for his son’s car.  After several emails, he was nice enough to accept an offer to make me one.  I sent him down a used center console piece I picked up at a swap meet.  And weeks later he sent me a finished piece.



I asked him for updated photos of his progress.









I had to tape off and paint the cup holders black to match the console



The final result


2 thoughts on “Custom fox-body cup holder

  1. Really Nice!, Does this person still make custom consoles? Sorry i know this is an old blogpost but i have been searching all over and landed on your blog. Thank you.

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