Re-upholster factory seats with GT SVO upgrade

My LX came with black leather LX seats in excellent condition.  Only problem with them is there’s no lumbar support and they look blah!  I did some research and found a company TMI Products makes a SVO foam (pictured below) and seat upholstery that fits OEM ’84-’89 Mustang sport seats.  Factory SVO seats have bigger side and leg bolsters, giving it a more sportier look and having more lateral support, which I need for autocross racing.  A problem I have, is my Mustang is a 1991 and these seats won’t fit the foam.  Reason being…in 1990 Ford shortened the height on the back rests on their seats, from 26″ to 24′.  People were complaining about sitting in the rear and not being able to see over the seats.   Oh well!

TMI SVO foam

So, I found a set of ’89 GT front seats on Craigs List , which cost me only $50.  I ordered new foam and leather upholstery from LRS.  And, I had  A & B Upholstery do the work.  I also had the seats reinforced while they’re apart.  Often the spot welds come apart.

Stock GT seats

My upholstery guy recommended ordering the seat covers, rather than making them from scratch from my stockers.  It’s very time consuming and expensive.  The  TMI Products seat covers are pre-cut, sewn and fit perfect.  They arrived, and they look great.  The leather is very good quality and they were reasonably priced.

TMI seat covers

TMI seat covers

To make them a bit more custom and a little different.  I picked out a material from a fabric sample book for a center insert on the seats.  I picked a silver/black design that was from a Hummer H3 seat.  It’s very easy for them to replace just the inserts for not much extra money.   And, it makes the seats pop!

Hummer H3 inserts

TMI seat covers

I think they look great.  I had a new seat belt guides installed on the sides.  The stockers originally had them under the headrests.  With my halos, that would create a large gap between the head rest and the seat.  I found these GM guides on eBay and had them mounted on the side like, ’85-’86 vert seats.

GT seats

GT seats

GT seats

GT seats


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