DIY hood vent project

I have to admit, this idea wasn’t mine.  I copied this from somebody on a Mustang forum, but he did it a little differently.  This is my twist.

I purchased a hood vent for a 2010 Shelby Mustang pictured above-left.  This doesn’t fit on the foxbody hood, it is too wide.  The guy in the Mustang forum made 2 cuts down the middle to remove 5-6″ then glued it together.  I didn’t want a seam, so I cut each end off using a table saw.

Hood vent Hood vent

Then using a garbage bag, I traced a template that I would use to cut the hole in the hood.

Hood vent

It took a lot of measuring, and re-measuring before tracing and cutting.  The hole was cut just after the radiator, between the radiator and front of engine.  My buddy at Island Auto Body did all the prep and paint.


Hood with vent

Hood with vent

Hood with vent


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