Next step, to the next level

Four-wheel disc and a 5-lug upgrade has always been on my plans, it’s a must to be competitive with newer cars on the road.  And there are several ways to go about this with foxbodys.  The cheapest is to mix and match from newer SN-95 Mustangs, you can also upgrade to 4-wheel disc but stay with 4-lug by using Thunderbird Turbo Coupe parts.  Lincoln LSC or Mark V brakes that are also compatible throughout the years.  But, this involves a lot of part matching and all used parts found at several different places.  Or maybe you  get lucky and find someone selling an entire kit.  Aftermarket companies also offer easy upgrades, but none offer a complete swap including all hardware and components….except for the Ford M-2300-K Cobra 5-lug/4-wheel disc conversion kit, specifically for foxbody Mustangs.  When I heard Ford Racing was discontinuing this item, I jumped on the phone to call local distributors.  Two big Ford retailers had it on back order, LRS was out and Summit had 1 left in stock, so I ordered it.  It arrived a few days later, a huge full pallet sitting in my driveway.

This kit is the brake system used in the 1993 Cobra R and then became spec in the 1994 Cobra.  Fronts rotors are 13″ with PBR dual piston aluminum calipers, and the rear measure 11.65″.  Everything is included to convert a ’79-’93 foxbody, more importantly everything is Ford OEM….spindles, axle shafts, hubs, calipers, mounting brackets, Cobra brake booster and master cylinder, adjustable proportioning valve, hoses, tubes, attaching hardware, instructions and more.

FRPP M-2300_k

Front rotor

Rear rotor

Of course, after upgrading to 5-lug, I need new shoes now.  I found a used set of ’94 gray 17×8″ Bullit wheels on CL cheap.  I fitted them with Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport 255/40’s

Bullit wheel

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