A rare find…a foxbody fiberglass tonneau cover

Now I’ve been a fan of foxbody Mustangs for a while now…ever since I got my license and was able to afford a used ’86 GT.  At that time there were a lot of 5.0’s on the streets and I was a regular at car shows, swap meets, etc..  But I have never come across a fiberglass tonneau cover for the foxbody Mustang convertible…until now of course.  It came into my possession by the following story…a buddy of mine scored this unicorn on an Atlanta, Georgia Craigs List ad.  He found it posted online and immediately jumped in his 5.0 vert for a road trip.  Wait…actually that’s the Hollywood version.  In reality, he had is father, an Atlanta resident, purchase it and the following weekend he came down for a visit and brought it home.  It was showed it off for awhile but soon my buddy decided to sell his Mustang, Thats when I come in, I quickly nabbed the relic and now it’s all mine!  LOL.

IMGP2268  Fiberglass tonneau

I have never seen or heard of any such item, and again, I am quite the foxbody parts guy.  This cover is molded perfectly to the foxbody contours, and even is cut out around the aftermarket light-bar.  I really doubt it’s a one-off and most definitely not for a different car.  I posted pics on a Mustang forum, and through the magic of the internet a few people came forward and recognized it.  They were aware of a company producing it out of Canada and offering it for a short period.  This was a similar story from the guy who originally sold it in Atlanta, he said he purchased it from Canada.  And so the plot thickens!

IMG_0298   Fiberglass tonneau

The only way it stays on is two seat belt connectors that are cemented to the underside of the cover and snap into the rear belts.  This works really well but at high speeds, even hard cornering.  The covers moves around a bit, and was starting to scratch my moldings and the vinyl on top of my rear interior panels.  This was remedied by gluing rubber trim around the bottom and some felt at the corners, that rest on top of my rear panels.

IMG_0779  IMG_0785


2 thoughts on “A rare find…a foxbody fiberglass tonneau cover

  1. That tonneau cover is awesome, I was wondering if you still have it and would want to sell it and I also love the hooker roll bar and was wondering if you if u were interested in selling that too? Let me know thanks.

    1. Both roll bar and tonneau cover have been removed. For road racing I had to install a a real, supportive 4-point roll bar. And, then the tonneau would not fit…so that had to be sold as well. Sorry.

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