Added just a few bolt-on

Foxbody Mustang respond very well to certain bolt ons.  1.72 roller rockers not only add lift but also have less friction than the OEM rockers.  I got these used off CL…wow are these hefty.  I had to purchase Canton valve covers from Summit Racing, to clear the rockers.  They still tapped the oil baffle in the Cantons, so I had to grind it down a bit.  To be exact, 1.72 rr  increase the stock cam’s lift of .444 to .472.

1.72 roller rockers

I found a Ron Davis 3-row aluminum radiator on CL cheap.  I noticed my fan had tiny spider cracks in the corners…a common problem on foxes.  From PPI, I found a new Ford OEM fan and a Ford Police spec fan clutch with a Cobra R overdrive water pump pulley.  The police clutch runs faster at lower rpms and less at higher, freeing up some hps and the pulley provides greater fluid flow.


I really like the Ford Explorer intake…an early version of the GT-40.  It performs really well and has a stock look.  I found a Explorer intake and Gen3 EV1 injectors from Mustang Mike in Arizona.  The Gen3 EV1 injectors provide a better, more efficient spray pattern than my older 1991 injectors.  They have a 3-point spray pattern, opposed to a single.  I found 65mm EGR + throttle body on CL and everything gets routed to a BBK cold air intake that came on the car, with an older generation chrome Pro-M Bullitt mass air meter I bought on eBay from Dugan Racing.

Engine compartment


Here’s a help comparison chart from Super Ford Magazine in 2000


Ricky at American muffler installs my 2 1/2″ exhaust system.  FRPP shorty headers off CL,  a Summit X-Pipe which is dirt cheap, and Magnaflow mufflers I found on CL, all exiting out a set of LX SS tail pipes I got at LRS.  The tail pipes were a tuff job, they have to be routed through the Maximum Motorsport’s pan hard brace and fit through the Saleen rear valence skirt….what a PITA!

Exhaust work at American Muffler Exhaust work at American Muffler


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