A new look…ground effects & moldings

I have been a fan of the Saleen foxbody forever.  I think it is the best looking ground effect package on foxbodys.  So. it was inevitable until I bought the Cervini Saleen 4-piece kit is first installed and fitted properly.

Body shop Body shop

A nice touch on foxbodys are clean, good looking moldings.  I scuffed them up with a red scuff pad, wiped them down with a paint thinner, and then carefully taped everything up and used Exterior Trim paint from LRS.  I like the contrast of the matte black moldings on the gloss paint.

Painting moldings

Painting moldings

I installed FR 94-04 Bullit Aluminum Pedals today that I bought off eBay.  All the pedals fit perfectly…except the clutch pedal.  I had to install it inverted, because on my foxbody the clutch pedal is widest on the bottom.  I like it, I think i’s better than the rubber logo pedal covers available for 79-93 Mustangs.  Also, notice my Coco Mats…I love these and have them in all my cars.  These mats weigh a ton, are made great and don’t get dirty.

Bullit pedals

OE pedals


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